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YRD works with you to provide professional secretarial support services. Our personnel effectively manage workflows and produce practical results – for the benefit of our clients.


The team members selected for secretariat support have extensive and practical experience in the provision of high quality administrative and management services. This ideal combination of skills means that we can hit the ground running and provide you with value for money from day one.


Our excellence in administrative support is combined with outstanding skills in communications, negotiation and analysis. Our friendly, collaborative working style helps us to deliver our services efficiently and effectively with timely, relevant and clear outcomes.


Outsourcing your secretariat services is a proven and viable solution to help your association reduce costs, improve efficiencies, decrease cycle times and support strategic initiatives. Whatever your needs, let YRD tailor a package to suit you and help you meet your organisation’s strategic goals.


Let us manage your Association day-to-day and allow your committee members to manage their businesses.


YRD currently manages the following associations:




YRD Managing Director, Mary Sparksman, along with dedicated and professional staff manage the societies and all of their memberships, conferences, training and workshops.


Contact us to find out more about our secretariat and management services.


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