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YRD have a creative flair and logistical experience when it comes to marketing concepts for a conference. We offer professional marketing advice to ensure your message is both carefully championed and expertly presented. In the initial stages of the event, YRD will work with the organising committee to establish a marketing plan/schedule; this will include the conference theme, pre-conference materials and post-conference communication. YRD will assist the committee in formulating a visual concept in line with the conference theme, which will then be incorporated in each marketing medium including printed and digital material. YRD has created numerous unique visual concepts and themes for our clients that have always retained previous delegates and successfully attracted new participants.


Marketing has the potential to effectively inspire potential attendees to register for your conference, which is why YRD holds such a strong focus on marketing. We utilise tried and trusted techniques to successfully engage with your potential audience through push and pull marketing methods. And together with our comprehensive event services, capture maximum delegate registration and sponsor recruitment.​


YRD works with our clients and our graphic designer (if required) to develop the conference website as per your requirements.  We follow strict guidelines to ensure that all company and sponsor logos are as per the company user guide. YRD has the ability to upload PDF files onto the website, giving you the opportunity to make documents readily available for your delegates if needed. YRD can also work closely with the graphic designer to provide various website design options that will suit your conference theme.





YRD can provide a dedicated conference APP (for iOS and Android) which includes the following features;

  • Always on, always up to date

  • Customisable content - Create vibrant pages with custom colour themes, images and text to give your delegates all the event information they need

  • Complete schedule - Your delegates have all the event session information at their fingertips. Click-through to the full details of each session, add notes and favourite sessions

  • Interactive trade map - Delegates can search for exhibitors that they’re interested in and find exactly where they are within the venue

  • Favourite sessions - Give delegates the power to favourite the sessions that they are interested in and create a personalised conference planner

  • Last minute inclusions or cancellations are not a problem. Remove them from the program and they are removed from the app

  • Presenter bios and photos

  • Letting people know who the presenters are is a large part of conferences. Our software helps delegates meet and converse with every presenter by making them more accessible

  • The App is fully Integrated with the Registration System: Delegates can check their registration status, get accommodation details and more.


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