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YRD has a proven track record in achieving exhibition and sponsorship results over and above our client’s expectation. Our team has a strong sales background and our proactive approach in contacting and negotiating contracts with prospective companies has frequently delivered sponsorship earnings in excess of expectations.



We manage small tabletop exhibitions to large exhibitions with standard and custom booths with ease and personalisation, working with either Mary or Kate and one of our experienced Event Managers.


We have maintained our reputation of providing quality care and assistance to sponsors/exhibitors over the years, with previous sponsors having commented on our attention to detail and the quality of service that we provide.

Some comments about what our clients think about YRD’s ability to raise sponsorship and exhibition revenue are provided below:

Extract from ASGC

The sponsor revenue achieved was well over budget thus delivering the surplus required to each organisation. YRD worked with the conference committee to develop a prospective list of sponsors and were in charge of continual sponsorship follow up, which led to the successful outcome. YRD also managed the website and ensured that this was updated with the relevant sponsorship information.


As a sponsor, YRD’s sponsorship/exhibitor manual is a very comprehensive tool which provides companies with all the relevant information and forms, such as floor plans, delivery dockets, venue maps, accommodation booking forms, exhibition times etc.


Extract from ANZGOG

“In particular, I would like to highlight that YRD has developed a personal working relationship with all sponsors and have been extremely successful in securing past and new sponsors for each meeting. Their attention to detail and personal touch allows me to trust in their abilities to ensure that all sponsors are well taken care of. The sponsors have commented in the past that they enjoy working with the YRD team because of their professionalism and the high level of individual service they receive.”

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